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Give me a break. Why another shopping site?!
Yes. but this time it's all about you and not the retailer trying to push you to make a purchase right away.  We wanted to give you the best service to monitor price drops without wasting your time.  You know that the 46" Toshiba HDTV price as well as the lovely Diesel Zeus shoes will drop, each at its our specific cycle.  But do you have time to actively monitor these?  The PriceAmbush allows you to set up a price drop tracker that will actively monitor the exact product you're interested in

Can I receive email alert for price drops on specific products? How?
Definitely.  Search for your interest.  Click on the Create Alert button and fill out your email and price target - that's all.  You're set!

I'm worried about giving away my email address and being spammed!
Firstly, we fully respect your privacy and will never ever provide these email addresses to 3rd parties
Secondly, for each tracker you set up you receive exactly one email message when the price drops - nothing more than that. 
Lastly, you're welcome to use disposable email address from services like

How does PriceAmbush work?
As we answer this question, and throughout the days, we are monitoring price points from various sources using various methods like Yahoo Shopping and Amazon.  After aggregating the data, we slice and dice it  per the price trackers shoppers were looking for.  Once we spot a price drop - we're shooting an email to its registered people

I have some feedback to the PriceAmbush!
If you think we're missing an important point, you think there's a business opportunity for us to work together or simply if you want to say kudos, we're waiting for your feedback here - we are always excited to hear from you

Who's running the PriceAmbush?
An avid and impulsive buyer, a technology geek and a social network-effect enthusiasts.  Our mission: create a world of greater transparency (ok, at least in terms of pricing...)

Where did the PriceAmbush featured in?

Why do all online shops try to sell you everything right away? good service for tracking that purchase that's just a few bucks too 'spensive at the moment If you love how the large travel search engines like Travelocity send you a reminder when a fare drops below a certain value, you might also enjoy Price Ambush keeps track of the fluctuations in price